Panther seats are comfy for rider and pillion. The seats fit snugly and are solid in the body specially when cornering.

Match the colour of your seat and your Trike.
The Panther gleams with chrome and quality parts. With a 80mm Speedo and Taco the rider has a clear indication of the Trikes quality performance. The Panther has it all STANDARD.
  • Adjustable foot pegs.
  • Harley Front Discs.
  • Soft light steering with girder forks in polished aluminum for quality looks.

The Panther is fitted standard with two high range driver lights, with indicators located snugly on the front and back of the rear tyre mudguards.

The handle bar set-up with 6” risers and 16” ape bars gives the Trike a laid back chopper ride. The tank is free of clutter to gives the Trike its long smooth lines.
The Panther is fitted with a 12v outlet for operator uses as well as a towing fitting for tow-bar of trailer.

If you don’t think the Panther stands out in a crowd, come on the next United Triker's trip. The Panther is here to STAY, which each event showing more and more of Josef’s quality work. The Panther can be fitted with numerous light examples. The latest models come LED lights. You will find it easy to talk with Panther Engineering to design and have built your dream Trike.
Body - Chrome or Powder Coated? Your choice!

Personalise your Panther!




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