The Panther is in a class of its own. Josef with his passion for detail, has produced an engineering master-piece.

This technical section details what is special about owning and riding a Panther Trike.

It looks good and fast, and for the price it is a bargain in the three wheel motor market.

It handles nimbly, quickly negotiating any corner or traffic. It stops on a dime with five caliper disc brakes as standard, one on the front, and two on each rear wheel disc.

It is fitted with high quality chrome bike and mag tyres. The Panther comes standard with an engine immobilizer ensuring the safety of your prized possession.


Standard is a powered coated patented 50 litre fuel tank, all filled from a central filler. Ride all day, no reserve tank!

The Trike is built with the best features of any Australian or international model Trike. See if you can find a better quality Trike anywhere in Australia!

Which Trike do you know that can come with a turn key 1916cc fully new engine?

Want to know about it? Read any high performance VW web site and you will be amazed.

Ride one and you will be hanging on!

Want to know what’s going on in your Trike? Open the lid and have a look.

Easy on maintenance, easy for cleaning.

Like a quick but safe and comfortable ride?

You will be happy cruising on the Panther’s gas struts and air bag suspension system, standard on the Panther Trike.


Want Chrome? ...Buy a Panther! The Panther uses the highest quality chrome parts and accessories.

Plus high quality mirrors that don’t wobble when driving or idling! Along with indicators that turn off by themselves!



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